Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh rory.

I have done a few things recently...

watching back to back episodes of the Gilmore Girls is one of them. I can't be held responsible for this, I wholeheartedly blame my friend for leaving them at my house.

i caved.
and now,
i am addicted.

sorry must keep it brief, season 2 finale is waiting.

i have also done these little drawings for Sumptuous and .next magazine


  1. elisa!! these are just GORGEOUS!!

    I do am a girlmore girls lover, although I have not watched them in YEARS!! I used to love staying home and watching them with my mum on a friday night.

    must go hire them soon.


  2. oh i have been addicted to gilmore girls for a long time. like back when it was on t.v + i had to wait for months for it (clearly before the days of amazon!) its still one of my faves!.
    and these look totally unreal by the way!! lovely work :)

  3. beautiful blog! love your art :)

  4. thanks guys!

    renee & jessie - I'm so glad you share the Gilmore love! I am now up to season 3 finale... so seriously hooked. renee you MUST go rehire!