Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For Cherry

This is a cute little lady i did for Cherry. Happy Birthday lovely, I hope you had a wonderful day xx

I searched high and low for the perfect lace applique (also learnt the correct name for them after trying to describe them with hand actions for hours).

I also found a lady who hand makes and colours them.... oh happy day.


  1. Hi Elisa! Loving this new girl! Are you heading to the DisBand opening night? I was meant to, but unfortunately some stuff has come up and i can't make it up from Melbourne. Anyways, looking forward to seeing what you do :) Ben

  2. Elisa I LOVE it! It is so very beautiful. Both are now hanging by my bed and I look at them every morning. Stunning!!!
    Am looking forward to the exhibition coming up. See you then if not before x

  3. Cherry I'm soooooo happy you liked it, yay! def see you at fraulein's if not before xx

    Ben, Whaaat! your not going!! Awww. I will be there... i love a good excuse to go on a little holiday :) hopefully catch up in the melb one. Cant wait to see all the gorgeous work!

  4. Hey Elisa, I know, i'm so disappointed that I can't make it, i can't get work off. I'm going to Sydney that weekend still so can't wait to check it out. I'll definitely be at the melbourne opening though, so hope to see you there :)