Monday, August 30, 2010


I am totally in the mood for making lists, probably because my brain retains things like a drain. I wont bore you with my list of things to do, riveting as it is, but here are some things that i have been meaning to share! In a list. Seriously, I am digging numbering.

1. People often email to see where they can buy one of my girls online.... and whilst i have been meaning to get my online shop up and running it unfortunately gets shelved when things get super busy. BUT GUESS WHAT... drumroll please, I have limited edition prints and 2 originals available online, to buy. yup! Thanks angela and renee from Leeloo. You can check my work out here.

2. If anyone loves a good (slightly naughty) laugh, check out Obnoxious Owl blog. Tammy Croucher is the sharp tongued writer behind it and her frankness makes me smile everytime i read. A large dose of goodness she is.
Note: Mum - you probably wont like this one, move on to number 3.

3. Inspiration for the day: SARA MOON. love.