Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad butterfly

ok.... i wrote the below on tuesday.... it is now thurs and i finally got the butterfly thing sorted :)
have attached a peek... for the wild things exhibition.

I will keep the original one and show you one day just to make you giggle.


Today i drew a butterfly. A very bad one. terrible actually.

I have the neat little habit of occasionally psyching my self out, normally at non-sensible times, like right before an exhibition or alternatively before a whole lot of illustration work is due.

I'm thinking it's the equivalent of a performer's butterflies in stomach, before they go out on stage... but mine is just one butterfly on page,

a badly drawn one.


  1. osh-by-gosh
    your blog is utterly splendid!
    I just thought you need informing!
    keehee x x

  2. thanks lauren, thats very sweet xxx

  3. I love all your art!
    Your pieces are so so gorgeous!!!!
    So talented xxx