Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ahh. yup that will do it.

I needed a bit of inspiration... so searching high and low... and a little angel sent this to me...
If it doesn't make you want to pull out a texta/pencil/paint i dont know what will. Now to complete 15 pieces! I think i can, i think i can...

thanks peta, luv you, found via the cool hunter
Wall Painting by Supakitch and Koralie


  1. That is very inspiring! I starting to wonder around on viemo and found this too warning it is a long video.

    Makes me want to sit down with all my paints and just experiment with different colors, and get my hands dirty.

  2. Wow! that is a goodie too! just what i need to get through the drawing pile!! x

  3. Hi there!
    So happy I found your blog! It's so lovely.. I love the drawings and you have such good inspiration! Thanks for sharing darling! Keep up the good work!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know..

    Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

  4. Gorgeous blog Emma, im a follower now! big love xx