Friday, May 27, 2011

Three times a lady.

Two years ago frauleins playthings was my first exhibition ever... one of the reasons frauleins holds a very special place in my heart.

frauleins - three times a lady is the third instalment from this group of beauties. The massive opening night crowds have meant that the frauleins have moved into a bigger venue.... AND have invited more ladies to join... yay!

This time round there are 11 frauleins.... Naomi Murrell :: Katrina Weber :: Ruby Chew :: Peta Alannah Chigwidden :: Georgia Gabrielle :: Joelie Croser :: Anna Creasy :: Kate Gagliardi :: Lisa King and very special guest artist from melbs the lovely Bec Winnel and ME.

The frauleins are about passionate girls doing what they love. From this comes some amazing art. I suggest if you are in adelaide come check it out. With out a doubt some of adelaide's best young creatives in this bunch.

Opens wednesday night (june 1st) @ Gallery on Waymouth.

more info is on our facebook event page


  1. Oh, this makes me wish I was in Adelaide... Looks like an amazing show. Hope it goes really well!

    ( PS: Found you via the lovely Miss Winnel!)

  2. Thanks Alex, i am so excited to see what everyone comes up with! I will post pics up asap.

    Awww the lovely miss winnel... so talented!


  3. Just found your blog through myspace,
    You work is amazing I am now following you :)
    I have my own illustration blog too

  4. Hi Elisa!

    I found a post about you on one of design blogs and fell in love with your illustrations. Being an artist myself, I always look for another talented designers, artists and illustrators in continous search for something beautiful and inspiring. I really admire your talent! I also included some of your works in my "Today's inspiration" post in my blog. I hope you don't mind. I really need to get all my works photographed one of these days and showcase them on my blog too.

    Have a great day!


    Passion for art and fashion

  5. Just want to say your work is stunningly beautiful!<3

  6. Thanks Natella! your blog is very cute!! It is always wonderful to have a fresh inspiration...! x

    Thanks sunny, very sweet xx